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Sculpt your perfect body, and feel happier, healthier and full of energy. 

Your one-stop wellness destination.

You asked and we made it happen. With new access to Align Pilates on-demand classes, including Pilates Mat, Small Props, Reformer & Meditation
—it’s never been easier to turn your space into a studio.

Under the expert guidance of Emma Cochrane, you will tone your physique, feel happier, healthier and full of energy in just 20 minutes a day, and remember:

Align doesn't just condition bodies, it transforms lives.

FREE Equipment Pack on 3 & 12 Month Plans

Intensify your class experience with Align's equipment pack. Achieve optimal core engagement, inner thigh and glute activation, and alignment perfection with our small props.

* 3-Month Exclusive to New Zealand Residents.

We’re Here To Challenge You. 

Becoming your best self starts from the inside. We encourages you to dig deep and exceed your potential with monthly challenges and guidance that ensure you progress and get results! You’re already strong. We just make you stronger.

One Membership, Unlimited Potential!

Access a growing library of 100+ Pilates classes all including Pilates Mat, Small Props, Reformer Pilates, Meditation, Mobility & Stretching. 

Fuel Your Results!  

With over 100+ nutritious recipes designed to nourish your body, support recovery, and fast forward your journey towards better movement.

Each recipe and carefully curated seasonal meal plan is expertly designed by a certified nutritionist, exclusively for Align Pilates members.

Pause To Fast-Forward  

Embrace life-changing practices like mantra, meditation, powerful breath techniques, and mindset rituals. These practices are your keys to banishing stress, anxiety, fatigue, and brain fog. They'll sharpen your thinking, supercharge your productivity, and bring you into the present moment, forging deeper connections with both others and the world around you.

Align With Your Inner Wisdom

Unlock the ability to create wholesome meals without relying on a prescribed plan or external guidance ever again!

Learn about essential subjects such as meal preparation, macronutrients, skincare, gut health, and more, enabling you to make informed decisions that will transform your life.

In the journey towards lasting results, knowledge is your most potent tool!



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  • 14 Day FREE Trial 



Per quarter / Billed quarterly

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  • FREE Equipment Pack
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Per year / Billed yearly

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  • FREE Equipment Pack
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If you have any questions on your Align Pilates wellness journey, our team of expert instructors stands ready to guide and support you.

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