In Our Reformer Pilates Studio

Align Pilates (Reformer)

At its core, Align Pilates tightens what's loose and loosens what's tight by working evenly with subtle, authentic Pilates moves. No muscles are ever over-trained or undertrained, creating balance in the body. 

Align Pilates Reformer classes are an effective method to get more out of your Pilates class, using the specialised Pilates Reformer Bed and the specific resistance, tension and movement of the reformer with a range of props & spring adjustments. Classes are always kept fresh and interesting by the passionate and attentive guidance of our dedicated instructors. 

45 minutes

* This is a level 2 focused class with level 1 options offered.


Power + Stretch (Reformer)

A fun journey from strong, muscle-burning exercise to deep, restorative stretching. The first 30 minutes focus on sets and strength training principles to build core, full-body strength, power and endurance.

The last 15 minutes transition to deep stretching on the Reformer, promoting flexibility and tension release. Ideal for a full-body & balanced workout. 


* This is a level 2 focused class with level 1 options offered.


Elongate (Reformer)

Elongate offers a deep stretching experience with the Reformer that helps to strengthen tendons and ligaments in your extended range of motion.

Incorporating breath-work, dynamic and static stretches, it blends techniques from Pilates, gymnastics, dance, yoga, and exercise science for a comprehensive approach.

This class is a sanctuary for deep bodily nourishment, emphasising slowing down to improve mobility and reduce stress and tension held in the body or mind. Focused on restorative stretching, "Elongate" aims to increase flexibility, promote body symmetry, and replenish energy, leaving you revitalised. 

45 minutes

Suitable for all levels.


Essentials (Reformer) 

Our Essential Pilates Reformer classes are the foundation for all Pilates Reformer exercises. This class focuses on core strength, improving posture, flexibility, coordination, balance, full body strength & conditioning using fundamental movements of Reformer Pilates and executing them correctly to optimal results; we go deep into the Pilates principles, alignment and technique that you can carry forward to our open-level classes. 

This class can be made harder or easier with spring selection. We have taken all the bells and whistles out of this class so you can really focus on the essence of the movement.

45 minutes

*This is a level 1 focused class with spring options for level 2
(Your never too good for the essential repertoire). 


In Our Synergy Studio


Move, Sweat and Laugh with Barre.

At Align Studios, our Barre classes blend techniques from ballet, dance, yoga, and Pilates to tone muscles and improve alignment. Our instructors integrate Pilates principles for enhanced strength and mobility, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all levels.

45 minutes

* This is suitable for all levels.


Slow Stretch 

Experience deep relaxation.

Hit the breaks with a restorative stretch mat class that deeply nourishes the body and provides an opportunity to take the gaze inward. This class is designed to explore depth and improve flexibility and symmetry while replenishing your energy levels.
Slow stretch is a slow and powerful practice. This class includes stretches, breath work and meditation.

45 minutes

* This is suitable for all levels.


SOMA Breath-work 

Breathe better

Our SOMA breath-work class focuses on correcting our breathing, so that our normal breath rate at rest is 3-4 breaths per minute. Slowing down your breathing can help protect against disease, balance your emotions and help you be more in flow.

We work on breath holds on exhale to reach our hypoxia state where you create brief periods of low oxygen levels. This can produce almost instant results by actually stimulating stem cells to come out of their niches and move around the to place where they can heal and regenerate healthy cells for your organs.

We use specifically designed hypnotic music to stimulate the brain waves to help you get deeper into the connection with your breath.

60 minutes
* This is suitable for all levels. 

Fitness Circuit

A unique, dynamic workout.

Align Studio's Fitness Circuit classes provide members with a challenging, full-body workout utilising the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) method for maximum results in less time. In each Fitness Circuit class, you’ll move through 12 dynamic stations that range from resistance-based & bodyweight exercises to plyometrics to build strength, cardio and endurance. Suitable for all fitness levels, Align Studio's classes will help to improve your fitness level in a motivating, supportive environment with one-one-one correction and attention from our knowledgeable instructors.


* Suitable for all levels.


In Our Fully Equipped Pilates Studio

BUMP (Prenatal)


BUMP Pilates offers specialised classes for pre & post-natal fitness, led by expert physiotherapist in groups of 5 max using all Pilates equipment, focusing on core activation and body toning. Connect with other moms and prepare for labor with safe, effective workouts tailored for all pregnancy stages.

* Suitable for pregnancy at all stages and post-natal. 

55 minutes


Mum's & Bubs (Post-natal)

Bond with your baby while toning up in our fun class, suitable for all fitness levels. Combining functional movement, resistance training, core activation on all Pilates equipment, this class is designed to strengthen the body. Lead by a senior physiotherapist.

55 minutes

* This is is suitable for post-natal and prenatal. You are welcome to bring your bub along. 


Personalised attention in a small group setting

Our semi-private sessions are perfect for Pilates beginners or those who want a tailored approach for specific health and fitness goals.

The ultimate personalised Align Pilates  experience. With just four clients per Studio Equipment class, you will enjoy a program designed for your body and goals. You will experience our range of studio equipment including the Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barrels, Reformer and small equipment. Every class is different to challenge your mind and body.

All new clients are required to complete a 1:1 Initial Consultation to start your Align Studio's Equipment journey.

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Includes Reformer Pilates, Barre, Fitness Circuit, Breath-work  & Deep Stretching.

Receive personal, caring service when you attend your Align Studio's in out boutique, modern facilities located in Remarkables Park Shopping Centre.
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