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Please check in at the front desk at least 15 minutes before the start of class so that our studio crew can help you set up your Reformer and or familiarise you with our equipment and studio.

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Mental Shift

Imagine yourself walking into Align Studios carrying the weight of the day, week, a whole year— and coming out fit, fine and focused.

The class is the same for everyone, but your journey is unique. That space between chaos and calm is what we call a mental shift.

So the next time you’re in class, make sure you look for it and you’ll find it.

Fun Classes

If you haven’t experienced it, this one will be a bit hard to imagine, so let us walk you through it.

Shoes off, head down, bum up. Upbeat music, muscles burning, heart rate rising and your mind is going places. One breath after another you keep up with the class, found muscles you have never felt before and look at you now, filled with life and vitality.

You had fun and you did more for your body, mind, and soul than you know. You’ve arrived—this is what you came for.

Somatic Coaching

When you’re at the barre or the on mat or reformer, breathing, gliding, flowing - in that blur between body and mind, you can let go. Because you’ll always be caught, your Align Studios instructor will guide you and inspire you to do your best.

Lose yourself to find yourself. The journey is yours.

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Your Community

The moment you walk into Align Studios, you go from solo to surrounded, just like that. Tap into the energy of the room. Take space because you belong. Your community is here for you on your brightest day and in your darkest hour.

With over 90 classes a week, our Remarables Park Shopping Centre, Queenstown location and 2 studios are pumping from Dawn till Dusk. Our studio vibe and energy will get you moving, while our teachers will make sure you’re doing it well. Align yourself with others who are aligning, too!

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