Mike Healy

Mike has been a dedicated member for nearly three years. His most notable achievement was holding a 20-minute plank and winning the Naylor-Love National Plank Competition, showcasing his extraordinary core strength. Mike is always eager to try new challenges and is consistently one of the hardest workers in any room.


Bridget Healy

Bridget, with her heart as big as her smile, is the kind of boss who's all in, no matter what. She's told me more than once how Align Pilates has been a game-changer for her. She's fearless, always diving headfirst into the tough stuff – and even if she stumbles, she's got this "I gave it my all" vibe that's just infectious. When Bridget walks into class, it's real talk from the get-go. We share laughs, sometimes tears, but whatever it is, we're in it together, riding the highs and lows like one big family..

Erica Beattie

Erica's the type who lights up the room with her kindness and politeness, spreading good vibes all around the studio. With her background as a trained dancer, she makes those tough moves look like a breeze—trust me, they're anything but easy. Every class, you can see Erica getting stronger and brimming with more confidence. It's like she's on this unstoppable journey to being her best self, and it's awesome to witness.


Andrew Beattie

Andrew got into Pilates on his daughter's recommendation, thinking it'd be good for him—and wow, was she right! He's been hitting the regular classes for over three years now, and the transformation in his balance, strength, and coordination is nothing short of amazing. There's pretty much nothing in class he can't tackle! When he first started, Andrew was on his own journey, taking things at his own pace and with a humble attitude. Now? He's out there setting the pace, even giving the younger folks in class a run for their money!

Jenny Daly

Jenny's a huge advocate for Pilates, saying it's been a game-changer in her life. She's all about encouraging women, especially as we age, to get into it. For Jenny, it's more than just a class; it's about being able to show up for her family for years to come. She's committed, showing up to every session with the goal of staying strong and present for those she loves the most. 


Jacquie Faul

Jacquie turned to Pilates during a tough time of depression, nudged into it by her daughter's encouragement. Committing to the classes marked the beginning of a transformative journey for her. It wasn't long before she started noticing significant changes, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually too. Pilates, as Jacquie discovered, is a powerhouse for boosting happiness, health, and energy. What's more, she absolutely loves it! Every class is an opportunity for Jacquie to show up for herself, driven by the desire to become the best version of herself.

Dr Sarah Beable

Sports and Exercise Physician

The team at Align Pilates are amazing. As a Sports and Exercise physician I frequently see patients needing to modify their exercise due to chronic injuries. Pilates is a very useful low impact successful rehab tool, great for conscious breathing, a fantastic postural correction modality, and above all a great workout. I have loved the challenge myself of doing something new, improving my core stability with my back and hips which have previously caused me issues in my athlete days, never feeling better.  Thanks Emma and crew!